The Best Audiobooks of 2016

As cities grow and we’re behind the wheel more often, audiobooks have become a norm to the commuting book lover. With that, we wanted to sum up the top gems from the 2016 audiobook shelf, and praise the narrators who get us through that dreaded rush hour. I Must Say: My Life as a Humble [...]

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Apple’s New iOS Reveals Major Voice-over Issue

The hype around the new iPhone 7 release is growing by the day, and with it comes the new operating system iOS 9.3.4. The new phone is said to feature a better camera, more storage,  improved speakers, and much more. Unfortunately, some users will be getting a raw deal if they purchase the new iPhone [...]

Apple’s New iOS Reveals Major Voice-over Issue2017-01-09T05:42:26-07:00

5 Ideas for Your Next On-hold Message

When you hear or see something unusual or intriguing, your interest is piqued and your curiosity gets the better of you. Your attention is held and you’re perceptive to whatever it is that’s so interesting. These same principles hold true for your business. You want to create intriguing ideas that hold your customer’s attention. Creative [...]

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April Promotion on All New On-Hold Messages

Spring is the perfect time to make a few changes in your life. Do some cleaning, start a new class, and if you’re a business owner, brainstorm some new ways to bring more sales to your company. Leave Me On Hold has a few ideas to get you started. For the month of April, all [...]

April Promotion on All New On-Hold Messages2016-04-01T01:26:57-06:00

Behind the Voices of ‘Zootopia’

Disney Animation Studios has shown new life and resurgence over the last six years, with acclaimed films released like Princess and the Frog, Tangled, Wreck-It Ralph, and Big Hero 6. Their newest flick, Zootopia, has hit it out of the park, earning over $70 million on its opening weekend and continuing to rake in over [...]

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What Does Your Brand Sound Like?

When you think of brand identity, you probably think of design, logos, color schemes, fonts, and all of the visual aspects of a brand. But have you ever thought about the sound of your brand? Most companies don’t think of it as a critical aspect of brand identity, but adding an auditory strategy to your [...]

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The Best Apps for Voice-Over Artists

Gone are the days of waiting in line for an audition and mailing your demo to various prospective gigs. The digitization of the multi-billion-dollar voice acting industry has made it easier than ever to get your voice heard, literally.  From the hiring process, to the actual recording, to the payment for services, voice actors now [...]

The Best Apps for Voice-Over Artists2017-01-09T05:42:46-07:00

The Histories Behind the Most Renowned Recording Studios

The environment that we work in has a huge effect on the kind of work we create. From our office spaces to the comfort of our own homes, surroundings are important. That goes double for recording artists and the booths that they create in. The style and feel of a specific studio can help spur [...]

The Histories Behind the Most Renowned Recording Studios2017-01-09T05:42:48-07:00

Dealing With Upset Callers

It’s difficult dealing with upset callers. It’s near impossible dealing with upset callers when they’ve been placed on hold. If you’re part of a repair hotline or customer service call center, you probably have a higher percentage of upset callers than most. Don’t be intimidated by the task, though. We’ve gathered the most helpful tips [...]

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Businesses Are Judged By Their Covers

We were taught at an early age to never judge a book by its cover. That there’s always something better on the inside. When it comes to businesses, this couldn’t be further from the truth. The very first interaction businesses have with customers may be the most important. If they don’t have a pleasant experience, [...]

Businesses Are Judged By Their Covers2015-11-09T23:38:32-07:00