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We create fun, engaging and professional phone messages that keep your customer on the line LONGER and HAPPIER in a variety of ways.



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Starting your on hold message campaign just got easier!

All of our on-hold advertising messages are written by inventive writers and performed by professional voice actors.

You can customize your script so it shares the message that you want heard and fits your desired length. The messages will also include custom IVR technology and hold music. We can also create specialized messages for your voicemail, auto attendants, and after-hours/holiday messages. No matter what your business needs, Leave Me On Hold will provide affordable marketing solutions that guarantees you will stand out and assist your customers.

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The dread of being placed on hold or lost in a phone transfer situation tends to stop people from even using the phone much these days. They would prefer chat options or email. But that fear doesn’t have to be there. If an on-hold message is correctly designed and produced to market toward your demographic, then you will have the opportunity to alleviate dropped calls, customers hanging up, unhappy callers and employee retention. The on-hold experience should be your chance to walk your customer through the services and products your company provides. It is also the prime opportunity to upsell, and provide additional information that will ensure the caller that help is on the way when the phone is picked up. Whether it is only for 10 seconds or one minute, now is your chance to speak directly to your customer now that you have their undivided attention.
There are several types of on-hold messages possible and Leave Me On Hold is your answer to creating all of these. A customized message may educate the customer, upsell and keep them on hold. A custom message can vary in length depending on the company needs. The narrator, whether a man, woman or child, will speak to the caller directly with music in the background that is hand-picked to complement the target demographic of the business.
Leave Me On Hold secures the market in producing creative messaging. Ever wonder what it would be like to really entertain your callers while they are on-hold? Well it’s absolutely possible. Leave Me On Hold can produce a creative message, specially designed for your company that can provide entertainment while keeping callers on hold, educating and upselling. With the right production team of writers, voice talent and editors, anything is possible.
On-hold messaging is an inexpensive extension to your marketing efforts. Many people do not take hold of that advantage. Rather than play music or even the dreaded silence, Leave Me On Hold encourages you to grab the bull by the horns and let your customer know what your most recent special is, how they can find you online or even entertain them much like a radio, TV commercial or a YouTube on hold video.
Leave Me On Hold produces a variety of messaging from custom and creative messaging to auto attendants, voice mails and after hours messaging. If your phone can play it, we can produce it no matter the size of the company or the length of the job. You can find more information regarding the different types of message packages offered on our order page. Or, feel free to call us and we can walk you through all the options available and help guide you in the right direction.