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AT&T wanted a pleasant, upbeat on-hold experience for their sales line that informed customers about available bundles and deals.

Trout Bum

We gave callers the experience of being on the river. When the salesperson picked up the phone, they would buy anything that was offered. Take a listen and see how it makes you feel!

Apple Spice Junction

Apple Spice Junction wanted us to show their customers the danger of trying to “do it yourself” and we wrote, produced, and directed this fun story.

Boys And Girls Club

The Boys & Girls Club of America hired us to produce this star-studded quick look at all the wonderful services they provide the communities they serve.

Heiner's Insurance

We created a “Coming Attractions” style on-hold message for Heiner’s, with over 11 minutes of fun and engaging vignettes that keep callers interested and informed about all of Heiner’s services.

Let Leave Me On Hold Build Your Organization A World-Class Auto Attendant

An IVR is basically your company’s own phone-based virtual assistant that can help callers do anything — from reaching the right person or department to paying bills or checking gift card balances.

Callers can interact with this assistant by pressing numbers on their phone’s keypad, or by using their voice. When you call most large companies such as Coca-Cola or T-Mobile, the first voice you’ll hear is that of their IVR.

With an IVR, your callers can get right to the person they need to speak to or the information they’re seeking.

The IVR can even spare your staff the unnecessary burden of repeating the answers to frequently asked questions — for example, hours of operation or directions to your establishment.

We love working with companies and organizations of all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re a small one phone business or a large corporation with multiple locations and call centers, we’ll work with you to design a message that meets your needs.

Our fun, engaging, and informative recordings are finely tuned to your brand and they’re always on message, which makes them a much better choice than your favorite album or even the coolest radio station in the area. And Leave Me On Hold’s recordings are more than entertaining, they’re also helpful — they can educate callers about your services and upsell your customers before they even have a chance to speak with a human. Aside from all that good stuff, though, there is a big reason to think twice about the audio source you hook up to your phones — playing copyrighted music from the radio or a music player is a violation of copyright law! “By statutory definition, since a corporation or other company is a place ‘where a substantial number of persons outside of a normal circle of a family and its social acquaintances is gathered,’ (17 U.S.C. SECTION 101) it is a public place for copyright purposes. Whether the performance is by the playing of a CD or tape, by a radio tuned to a particular station, or via music-on-hold (which constitutes a public performance by virtue of its being a transmission to the public), permission must first be obtained in order for the use of that music to be lawful.” Basically the long and short of that legal jargon is that when your company plays music from the radio or from your favorite album over the phone, you can be sued somewhere from $500 to $20,000 per work infringed if you don’t possess the proper licenses to play that music. But how would they ever find out, you ask? The agencies like BMI and ASCAP who represent the writers and publishers that own the copyrights employ a small army of people. Their only job is to call businesses and wait to be placed on hold. If you play copyrighted music on the phone for them to hear, they will generally give you one warning. After that, they will call again to check up on you, usually multiple times. If you are caught playing copyrighted music again, the agency will then take you to court. Some judgements attempt to recover previous licensing fees that can go as far back as from the time the business began operating.

Whatever you need! We know there are lots of phone systems out there that use obscure audio file formats. We’ve worked with many of them, and we have the experience and expertise to deliver the right format for your phone system. MP3? Check. Some kind of WAV like PCM or u-Law? Of course. SND? Sure! Something else, or don’t know? We can help! Just tell us what model of phone system you are using and our sound engineers can figure out what format you need.

We offer the option to buy out a message, rather than pay per month. If you’d prefer this option, please contact us for pricing information. You can fill out the contact form below or call us at 435-655-8844 or email us at

Absolutely! Just get in touch with us and we’ll work with you to create a custom package that meets your needs.

Sure! If you can hear it on the phone, we can produce it and bring it to your callers. We do Auto Attendants, Phone Trees, After-Hours/Closed Messages, Voicemail Greetings, IVR Prompts, Conference Call Messaging, Holiday Messaging, and more.

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