Digital advertising is more than just a website, SEO, and some social media posting. It also comes down to how your business looks, feels, and sounds on a digital level. Graphics, copy, and user experience are all important aspects of your digital marketing strategy, but one less acknowledged facet of digital strategy is the voice of a business. From how-to videos and phone messaging, to commercials and radio spots, your business’ voice can and should be heard on a multitude of platforms. Hiring a professional voice actor to represent your brand on these channels will show your business off as professional, cohesive, and memorable.


Hiring a professional voice actor for all of your brand’s sound needs will give continuity to your business services. You wouldn’t want 5 different logos to be associated with your brand, because it would confuse your customers and take away from your brand’s recognition. The same principles should be applied to your brand’s sound aspects.

Take the All State Insurance commercials and radio spots as an example. Dennis Haysbert has voiced the memorable advertisements with the slogan, “Are you in good hands?” since 2009. His voice is heard on television, radio, YouTube, and on the All-State on-hold waiting message. As soon as customers hear that voice, regardless of the setting, they know the brand and immediately feel more comfortable with the services. Consistent brand sound will give your customers confidence in your product, and your business will be easily recognized in a variety of instances.

Professional quality

You might have someone in mind that you think has a great voice and would be perfect to voice over your business’ commercial and radio spots. But when they go to record, you’d be surprised at the less-than-perfect sounds that come from their recording. Professional voice-over artists know how to speak without audible breathing, hissing on their “s” words, or stumbling over sentences. They’ll be able to give the right amount of enthusiasm, intonation, spacing, and rhythm for your business’ sound needs. The end result will be a professional and polished product, which will further instill customer assurance in your product or service.


Advertising can be mundane sometimes, but it doesn’t have to be. A professional voice actor can really help spice up your business’ commercials, radio spots, YouTube videos, and on-hold messages. A professional can hook audience’s attention, and keep it for the duration of the advertisement or message. Take the Arby’s “We Have the Meats” commercials that run regularly on cable TV, radio, and the web. The unforgettable message, voiced by Ving Rhames, is unmistakably associated with the food chain Arby’s. Love it or hate it, you know exactly what the brand is and what they sell based on that voice alone.

If you are interested in professional voice-over options for your business, ask Leave Me On Hold how they can help.

(Photo Use By Jakob Montrasio)