When you think of brand identity, you probably think of design, logos, color schemes, fonts, and all of the visual aspects of a brand. But have you ever thought about the sound of your brand? Most companies don’t think of it as a critical aspect of brand identity, but adding an auditory strategy to your company brand could give you an extra edge in the competitive and often cluttered world of visual brands. It can act as a powerful reinforcement to help your customers stay loyal to your product and boost brand visibility.

Make your audio cohesive

Much like you put the time and resources into creating consistent design elements for your company, you should devote similar energy to your brand’s sound. This could be your radio spots, broadcast TV ads, YouTube videos, and your on-hold messaging. If you maintain the same cohesiveness across the board, your brand will be that much stronger and more recognizable. Think about the kind of voiceover talent you employ, or if your music conveys the right message. Aligning the auditory segment of your brand to the more visual aspects will strengthen your business’ overall distinctiveness.

Use sound to help your customers make connections

Think about the last time you went to your favorite restaurant. You smell the food, you recognize the décor and the servers, and you hear the faint glimmerings of old-world Italian music. (In my case, my favorite restaurant is an old school, Italian joint.) Your brain is making connections each time you come to this restaurant, and the connections get stronger, reinforcing your want to visit again and again. The same could be said for your business. You’ll want to reinforce all the connections you can and engage as many senses as possible, so your customers remember you more often.

Get the edge over your competitors

Business is never going to stop being competitive, and companies will do anything to get the extra edge over their competitors. Adding an on-brand audio element that your opposition hasn’t thought could be just the advantage you’re looking for. Auditory branding strategies will help your customers better connect with your company, and further recognize your brand’s identity.