Shockingly, the Oscars still have not created a dedicated category recognizing the best voice-over performances in feature films. While voice talents don’t have as much celebrity status as live screen actors do in Hollywood, their talent is in no short supply. Here is our list of voice-over performances that we believe were truly Oscar-worthy.  And if a voice-over category did exist, they surely would have won.

James Earl Jones, The Lion King (1995)

Voicing the King of the Pride Lands is no small task, but James Earl Jones hit it out of the park with his work on voicing the honorable Mufasa. While the Lion King itself swept at the Oscars in 1995, we think James Earl Jones deserves at least some of the credit for the film’s success.

Mike Myers, Shrek (2001)

The Canadian Mike Myers’ Scottish accent for the brutish but sensitive Shrek is a performance that will impact generations to come. With the release of Shrek, Dreamworks became the first production company that managed to surpass the animation giant, Walt Disney studios, in the box office. Myers’ portrayal of the chubby, green ogre was hilarious, heart-wrenching and most of all, entertaining.

Andy Serkis, The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (2002)

Serkis was cheated out of an Oscar for his role as Gollum in The Lord of the Rings series. Playing the creepy goblin-esque character whose entire purpose in life was to hold a golden ring ought to have earned Serkis a golden statue if you ask us!

Ellen DeGeneres, Finding Nemo (2003)

Ellen’s voice-over for the lovable and extremely forgetful fish, Dory, in Finding Nemo was adored by audiences everywhere. Her performance earned Dory her very own sequel, Finding Dory.

Liam Neeson, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, Witch & the Wardrobe (2005)

Liam Neeson followed James Earl Jones’ footsteps in voicing a powerful Lion when he voiced the Lion King Aslan in Disney’s Narnia. When Aslan first steps onto the screen and he speaks to the four Pevensie siblings, it sends literal chills down your back. Oscar, oh Oscar, where art thou?

If you can think of any other voice-over performances that deserved an Oscar, let us know in the comments!