Putting your customers on hold doesn’t have to be a punishment for them. This is valuable time that you can use to upsell them, because you have their undivided attention. And it can be a win-win for both you and the customer, if you provide the right kind of information during this time. Here’s how you can make the most of your customer’s time on hold, leaving them happier, more informed, and open to buying more of your services and products.

Give them the information they need

While on hold, your customer’s only wish is to speak to a human to get their questions answered. With an informative on-hold message, you can let them know some answers to frequently asked questions or where to find the answers online (if applicable). This will show them that you know your customers and the issues they may be experiencing.

Tell them a story

This is the perfect time to upsell your customers, in a way that doesn’t feel salesy. You can talk about your services and products in a very organic, conversational, and non-pushy way, through a carefully-crafted on-hold message. Think of it like telling a great story about your business, filled with imagery and description, that you happen to be telling directly to your customer. It will feel much less like a pushy sale and more like a friendly conversation, and will lead to a better chance of upselling your product or service.

Be creative

No one is really listening to the generic woman’s voice while on hold.  We’ve heard her so many times we tend to space out once she starts talking. But two people having an enthusiastic conversation as your on hold message? That might perk some ears and generate curiosity. That’s because it’s out of the box and original. Your on hold message can allow your business’s personality and voice to shine through, providing both an entertaining message and an informative one. When a representative picks up the phone, chances are your customer will be less annoyed by being on hold because you took the time to entertain them and provide them a with custom experience.

Leave Me On Hold excels at crafting specific and custom messages for any business, guaranteed to delight, inform, and even upsell your customer base. We create the scripts, cast the voices, and work with you to build the message you want to convey. Our services are an inexpensive solution to the problems associated with putting clients on hold.