WE LOVE IT!!!!!!
Absolutely perfect…. yippee!!! Can’t wait to get it on board.”
All Smilez Dentistry
“We have had customers ask us to put them back on hold so they could hear the rest of the story.”
Smith Crown Vacuums
Excellent! You all did a fabulous job. We look forward to working with you again in the future.”
Complete Eye Care, Complete Eye Care
“I would like to purchase another one. I love the concept and you guys do a great job.”
GuardMe Security
“We used to play classical music for people on hold. Not everyone likes that. We decided to try something bold and new. Leave Me On Hold came up with a great solution. Now people on hold get information about our business and it leaves a smile on their face. Instead of people being angry about being on hold, I often pick up a call to hear the person laughing and requesting to be put back on hold. How often do you get that request? We hardly ever have upset people on hold thanks to Leave Me On Hold.”
Heiners Insurance Agency
“This month I was pleased to welcome several new clients: Leave Me On Hold creates on-hold messages designed both to inform and entertain callers — a welcome change from phone systems that frustrate, bore or drive potential customers ‘mental.’ Even if humor doesn’t sell, I’d much rather listen to this company’s creations than just about any other I’ve heard as an on-hold victim!”
MCM Voices, MCM Voices
“Leave Me On Hold’s enthusiasm exudes over the telecom lines. You guys have been great!”
Innovative Spas
“Just wanted you to know how pleased I am with the finished product! Thanks so much! I look forward to many more recordings to come.”
Maggie S.
“We have had customers (on hold) who were not aware of other services we offer, actually ask about new services they learned of while on hold.”
Mountain Reservations
“We have had a lot of compliments and the hold message has really helped cross sell for our USB drive division. We have actually made money from our hold message.”
Action Duplication
“It adds something interesting about our store while people are waiting to be helped. They are really enjoying it! People are asking about items they heard mentioned on hold; they really like it.”
Smith Crown
These are great!! You guys rock some @#*+!!”
Weed Pro
“we get people asking to put them back on hold. LOL…I want to know what’s going to happen to Rusy, they say. We love it and thanks, I will turn it up :-)”
Allied Auto Wrecking