If storytelling isn’t incorporated into your 2017 marketing strategy, then hop on the bandwagon — NOW! A tagline will only take you so far with an audience. A slogan may grab attention, but it will not guarantee your brand will hold attention. In those few precious moments you have the complete and utter undivided attention of your client, you must take full advantage. Don’t let your on-hold message fall into the abyss of forgotten moments to a potential customer.

When a caller is on-hold for your business, you are guaranteed their ear and have an opportunity to connect with them even further while you are looking up their order. Use this time wisely and what better way than to tell them a story! A story is an efficient way to share information and keep the interest of your listener until the very end.

Every company has a story to tell — capitalize on it. Your on-hold story can be used to share how your company started, the development of your platform, or a time in your business’ history you’re proud of. Get creative and don’t be afraid to show some personality.

People connect to other people. Have your on-hold feature characters who tell your story. Create a persona your clients will relate to and get your point across without making them feel like you are trying to sell them on your service.

By engaging your listener, you are building their confidence in your business. If your on-hold message is smart, informative, and relatable, then their impression is the same of your company. With every ounce of trust and confidence, you inch closer to closing the sale. People will invest in what they feel assured in.

An entertaining on-hold message is the quickest and efficient way to get customers inquiring about your business with minimal effort. Don’t waste your time and your listener’s by apologizing for keeping them on hold. Use your words wisely and share a story they will want to listen to. By sparking their interest early, you are making that next step towards a sale and increasing the likelihood of them investing their time and money in your business.

See the power of storytelling yet? A story will not only stick with a consumer, but it will instill information about your business that a tag line cannot. Utilize the precious time you have of a potential customer and share the personality of your business. People are always wanting to connect with other people — do this through sharing your story on your on-hold message.