Technology has made multitasking easier than ever. What was once proudly listed under the “Skills” section of every resume, multitasking has now become a necessary attribute for everyday life. When a customer is placed on hold you can count on them posting, tweeting, or even “selfieing” every moment as they listen to your message. They may seem distracted, but you can leverage that distraction by promoting your social media profiles in your hold message. You’ll find them more than eager to check out your social media platforms when you give them a reason to do so. Here are some of the benefits of including your social media in your on-hold messaging:

Extensive Customer Service Network

Customers may still have questions after the call or even after business hours. Promoting your Twitter account is a great way for you to connect with your customers while showing off your customer service skills so others can see.

Social Media in Your On-Hold Message

Stronger Relationship with Your Customers

Social media provides opportunities to show-case all the dynamics of your business. This includes community work, charity events, and even random fun facts about employees. Your customers may have liked you before, but they’ll love you now!

Social Media in Your On-Hold Message

Increased Exposure Using Social Media

Advertising your social media networks allows the customer to interact with your brand in a way they never have before. They’re now able to favorite on Twitter, “Like” a YouTube video, and share a post on Facebook. All of these actions provide your company with a larger reach than it had before. If you’re looking for a larger audience, allow your current audience to help you build it!

Social Media in Your On-Hold Message

To increase your social media exposure, take a look at what Leave Me On Hold has to offer. No matter what industry you’re in, your hold messaging can help you reach your goals in ways you never thought possible!