We all have on-hold horror stories. Whether it be because of the bad music, complete eerie silence, or the long wait times, being on hold is rarely a treat. This story however, takes the cake. Over the holidays, Corbin Smith ordered a Christmas gift from TigerDirect.ca, only to find that the next day, his order had been cancelled for no apparent reason. What started as a regular customer service inquiry quickly evolved into an on-hold call vendetta. Smith live-tweeted the whole thing, so we could all relive his horror.


And so the waiting begins.


Hour two: sad face emoji.



Five hours?! This is a true on hold nightmare.

HOUR 5. Worst customer service call in the history of everything. Wow, @TigerDirect @TigerDirectca, you’re terrible. pic.twitter.com/dSLvugglIX


They sit on a throne of lies.



Smith at least multi-tasked while waiting.


His cause created a following of well-wishers and supporters.


Smith did mention the great on-hold music that SiriusXM provided to get him through the ordeal (Take note!).


And at last, after 8 hours…his iPhone ended the call. But his perseverance endured.


Smith later told Buzzfeed Canada that following his live tweet session, TigerDirect apologized and offered to re-ship the product free of charge. Their explanation for the unprecedented on-hold time? They were “puzzled”.

Don’t be like TigerDirect. Plan out your great on-hold messages, taking the opportunity to improve your customer service, upsell, entertain, and build trust. And, make sure someone actually picks up the phone!