Leave Me On Hold Pick of the Month

Park City Animal Clinic



Well… we’ve done it again. We were challenged in creating a fun and interactive on-hold message for Park City Animal Clinic last month. And of course we accepted the challenge!

Park City Animal Clinic is unique itself in providing a variety of services for our non-2-legged best friends. So why not create an on-hold message that speaks to that uniqueness? Gone are the days of elevator music or messaging where a non-enthused person is asking you to hold. Now you can hear a message that mirrors a talk show that you might hear on the radio or see on the television.

The on-hold message for Park City Animal Clinic lets us introduce the doctors at the clinic while also describing the services provided. By utilizing the format of a talk show, we were able to interview the doctors at the clinic and find out a little special something about them. This message allows listeners to get a feel for who will be treating their pets before even making their first appointment. You won’t find service like that anywhere else.



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