It’s normal to want to entertain your clientele when they’re on hold for your business. You think, “everyone likes music, I’ll just have a popular song play.” Have you taken into account though how quickly your favorite song becomes the most annoying thing you have ever heard? Thankfully, Leave Me On Hold is here to breakdown the appropriate times for music to complement your on-hold message.

Who is my clientele?

You know you’d like to add music to your on-hold message, but first ask yourself, who is your clientele? Are your customers older or millennials? Will they likely be up to date in pop-culture news and know the catchy tune you want to play? Will this help build the relationship between your business and your clients?

What is my brand?

Take the time to map out your company’s brand and recognize that your on-hold message is an extension of your brand. If you own a day spa, a rock hit will not suit the vibe of your business. It’s easy to find a genre that mirrors your brand. Choose a song that works with your message and your company identity.

What is the purpose of my on-hold?

Generally, an on-hold message is designed to keep callers on the line long enough for you to get back to them. While it is smart to entertain, it’s more beneficial to entertain while educating your caller when they’re on hold. Consider a background tune while also having a voice over informing your clientele about your business. Occupy your customer’s on hold time by building up their confidence in your business with an entertaining message — it’s a win win!

I want music on my on hold and that’s that!

So you’re determined to just play music on your on-hold and that’s final. From here, it’s time to start thinking about the volume level, quality, and length of your on-hold. It’s important to find the perfect volume for your potential vast clientele, which correlates to the quality of your on-hold message. Any established business is expected to have a professionally recorded on-hold with no static and a steady volume setting that is sustainable to listen to for an extended period. You will also always want your on hold to extend past the expected call waiting time. Consider adding multiple tunes to your on-hold playlist, one repetitive song will annoy your listeners.

Your on-hold message is quite possibly the first impression a person has of your business and it can influence their choice to work with you or not. Don’t annoy them right off the bat — take the time to explore your brand and find a suitable music choice.

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