You have spent a tremendous amount of time and energy perfecting your business model. Your website is beautifully manufactured. Your team is friendly, relatable, and patient. Still, your customers don’t follow through.

You need to inspire and motivate your public with a call-to-action (CTA) in your on-hold message.

Creating a clear CTA isn’t an easy task, which is why the team at Leave Me on Hold has a few tips to help inspire your audience.

Create Value

Don’t just talk about value; make it happen! Communication between businesses and their consumers is becoming less about sales pitches, and more about building relationships.

You can build a loyal customer base by becoming an agent of change — rather than a product pusher — and by building a connection that results in an ongoing link.


Don’t allow your brand to simply exist; draw attention to yourself by implementing creative strategies. One tactic is to deliver an engaging message. Through creativity, you can spark interest and enthusiasm in your brand and inspire your customers to take action.

Be thoughtful

Always consider your customer demographics. You could say “start your free trial now,” or you could go with “give this a try” if you are speaking to a female audience.


Tell a story that is interesting and easy to digest. Don’t waste time with boring introductions, your audience will lose interest. You have a short time to dictate your message: use it effectively.

At the end of that story, describe how your customers life will improve because of your company. You certainly understand the importance of your business, so don’t feel awkward letting your client get into your secret.

Also, remember to repeat your CTA several times, so your customers can fully absorb your information.

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