People have long stated that laughter is the best medicine. Even with the countless prescriptions available on the market, laughter holds its own amongst a sea of laboratory-produced capsules claiming to cure everything in the human body. It turns out, laughing reduces stress, pain, increases blood flow, and increases your body’s resistance to disease. In short, every time you make someone reveal their pearly whites by cracking a smile, you’re laying the foundation for a lifelong relationship simply by decreasing their stress and making them feel better than they did 5 minutes ago. Adding some humor to your on-hold message also makes it more memorable. These are some of the most effective ways to get your audience laughing with your on-hold message while remaining focused on the bottom line.

Keep your larger marketing goals in mind

Humor is clearly beneficial for both sides of a business relationship, but don’t get too carried away. Always keep these two questions in mind: 1. Does it relate to your products or services? 2. Is it funny to your audience? Put those demographics to work and present them with something you know will get them laughing.

Laughing All The Way to The Bank
Laughing All The Way to The Bank

Leave out the controversy

Showing a little personality is encouraged on social media, on-hold messages, and even websites. However, you should avoid the possibility of offending your audience. You want them to remember you for making them feel good, not for your views on something that doesn’t relate to your products or services.

Only use humor where it’s appropriate

Use humor sparingly in your messaging if your products and services demand a serious tone. Also, keep in mind where your message will be delivered. A joke delivered on Facebook may be a hit, but it may not play out so well in other channels. To get them laughing everywhere you go, deliver a tailor-made message specifically for that channel while keeping the message’s original purpose.

Laughing All The Way to The Bank