IVR — Interactive Voice Response

Let Leave Me On Hold build your organization a world-class IVR. An IVR is basically your company’s own phone-based virtual assistant that can help callers do anything — from reaching the right person or department to paying bills or checking gift card balances.

Callers can interact with this assistant by pressing numbers on their phone’s keypad, or by using their voice. When you call most large companies such as Coca-Cola or T-Mobile, the first voice you’ll hear is that of their IVR.

With an IVR, your callers can get right to the person they need to speak to or the information they’re seeking. The IVR can even spare your staff the unnecessary burden of repeating the answers to frequently asked questions — for example, hours of operation or directions to your establishment.

If you’d like to simplify the experience for people calling in and improve the productivity of those who answer your phones, consider contacting Leave Me On Hold about an IVR plan. We can handle the whole process from scripting through recording and even system installation.

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IVR Samples

Here are some of the IVRs we’ve created.