IVR, or Interactive Voice Response

A specialized phone technology that allows a computer to interact with people through the use of the phone keypad and voice. Many large businesses, like department stores, banks, technology companies, utilized the IVR in order to help resolve customer calls efficiently and with ease. Leave Me On Hold works with the phone system teams at the respective business to help outline an efficient phone tree that will guide the caller to the preferred department or may even resolve the person’s question via the IVR.

Here are a Few Examples of Our IVR Packages

  • Ann Taylor Loft

  • Davita

  • Maggie Sottero




For Interactive Voice Response message pricing, please call us 866-640-5664.

It is our goal to create high-end messaging at affordable prices that will increase customer loyalty and employee retention. A correctly produced IVR will help with that. This includes working with our customers to determine the best type of voice talent for the job and audition the talent with the client. Updates can be done as much as possible from monthly to quarterly and even yearly.