Ready to be inspired? Lex Underwood of Atlanta, Georgia had hit some pitfalls in life. First losing his job, then his home, and soon everything else. He once had a dream of being a voice-over artist, but that was put on the backburner as finding life’s bare necessities took precedence.

Underwood went to the Urban League of Atlanta, an organization that helps homeless men and women find transitional housing and work opportunities. Nancy Johnson, Urban League CEO, said once she heard Underwood speak, she knew he had a special gift.

“As soon as he opened his mouth, I said “wow, this guy has got something extra special,” she recalled.

When she learned that his dream was to become a voice-over artist, she knew she was in the position to revive his dreams. Johnson noted that the Urban League is all about giving second chances, and this was one of those times. Underwood was hired by Dan Moore, head of the African American Panoramic Experience, as a part-time voice-over artist. Even with the flight risk of hiring a homeless person, Moore wasn’t spooked.

“I think the only thing between those who’ve had hard times and those who haven’t is opportunity,” Moore said.

Underwood has a day job as a telemarketer, and even some of his callers tell him he sounds like Barry White, Isaac Hayes, and so on. He even recited the famous line “You’re in good hands with Allstate,” and you would swear he was the official spokesman.

With the opportunities ahead of him, Underwood isn’t taking anything for granted.

“Life is almost like driving a car. I can’t drive if I’m constantly looking in the rear view mirror. I know that I constantly have to keep working on it.”