Are you dreaming of a white Christmas? Do your jingle bells rock? If they don’t now, they better be soon. We haven’t hit Thanksgiving yet, but store aisles are filling up with Christmas trees, stockings, candy canes, and Red Rider BB Guns. It’s time to start making holiday plans for your business and that includes holiday music in your on-hold messages.

Holiday Music

Timing is Everything

More than 75% of people enjoy listening to holiday music, but too much of a good thing is a bad thing. Plan your on-hold holiday music now, but don’t start playing it until after Thanksgiving. This ensures it will be enjoyed, rather than annoyed, throughout the entire holiday season.

Holiday Music Preferences

Cater your on-hold holiday music to the preferences of your targeted audience. Age and generation have a large influence on the music preferences of your shoppers. Generation X and Millennials are typically more interested in a variety of holiday music, including covers of older tunes. Baby Boomers prefer the traditional holiday carols.

Should You Bump the Bass?

If you’re looking to speak to calm, focused, and happy customers on the phone, play some slower-tempo music. If you want them to get excited and pumped-up, speed up the metronome to get them speeding to your shop.

How Many Songs You Should Have

Have enough of a selection that your callers don’t have to hear the same song twice. Take your average hold-time and double it. This should be an accurate estimate of how long your playlist should be. If you anticipate an increase in calls and phone orders throughout the season, tripling that time may be your best bet.

What Songs You Can Play

It’s important to know the legalities regarding your song selections. Make sure you know what restrictions may prevent you from using a certain tune. If you have any questions or need some holiday music catered to your callers, give Leave Me On Hold a call!