No matter what industry your business falls under, there’s always something specially designed just for you. On-hold messaging is no different. Leave Me On Hold produces messages for a wide variety of industries, because every company needs a well thought-out on-hold marketing strategy. We’ve listed four different industry examples, so you can hear what your industry competitors sound like. Maybe it will even inspire your next on-hold message!


While the HVAC industry might not seem that glamorous, we know how to make it shine. This client used a celebrity endorsement to show credibility and confidence in their brand. The Leave Me On Hold team has a wealth of experience securing celebrity voices that fit any industry.


This dental office wanted to go the humorous route, and our team knew just the right way to handle it. With great sound effects and a hilarious animated voice, this message highlights the best of Eastern Dental practice in a fun way. It makes callers chuckle, informs them, and even reminds them to floss. Triple perfection!


Aesthetic Facial Surgery needed a way to answer frequently asked patient questions in a professional yet captivating way. Leave Me On Hold produced a story featuring a customer at the front desk asking important questions about the surgery facility. A narrator then discusses even more of the doctor’s specialties to further drill home the expertise and care offered at their office.


How do you convey a restaurant’s delectable eats over the phone? How about through a descriptive and animated conversation between two pals deciding on a place to eat? Szechwan Chinese Kitchen wanted to focus on their lunch specials as well as their mouthwatering food. The two characters describe the ambiance, the pricing, and the tasty entrees available. It also leaves the caller feeling hungry for some Chinese food!