Traditional companies use templates to create your business on-hold messaging. The lack of personalization means your you aren’t communicating anything valuable that will help grow your enterprise.

Instead of templated on hold messages, Leave Me on Hold gets to know your business. Because of our personalized care, your message acts as an extension of your sales and service team, saving  time and money.

Below you will find a few of the reasons on why a custom on hold message is better than a prepackaged one.

Project Your Brand

Ensure your message is consistent with the voice and feel of your company’s brand. Your professional image is at stake each time you put your customers on hold. Don’t create the wrong first impression. Everything your customers hear should be cohesive with your business identity.

Cross Promotion

Your on hold message can increase your profits by promoting your existing marketing strategies. Use the message to:

  • Cross-sell products and services
  • Promote new products, specials, or events
  • Reinforce your current advertisements from TV or Radio

Promote Your Mission Statement

Increase your credibility by advocating your mission statement or business motto. Customers will value your commitment to certain values and feel inclined to engage in a long-term relationship.

Provide Business Information

Use your custom message to share trivia and history that is unique to your business. It may help a caller answer an easy question — taking pressure off your service team — or enable relationships between you and your customers.

Listen to some of our sample custom messages and see how our creative team has helped multiple companies communicate with their callers.

For more information on the benefits of custom on hold messages, call the creative team at Leave Me on Hold today!