July’s creative pick-of-the-month message comes from a local client, Park City Animal Clinic. This veterinary and animal boarding facility hoped to entertain and educate their callers. PC Animal Clinic wanted to leave them with the impression that their animals would be in the best of hands. Additionally, they aimed to remind callers that the staff were locals too, just like the clientele. The script writers at Leave Me On Hold brainstormed the idea of a talk show “host” interviewing different members of the clinic staff.

Our choice of voice-talent for the narrator was a huge part of this concept’s success. The talent effortlessly balances the tone of professionalism with a hint of cheesiness. The interview volleys between the owner of the practice and two of the other veterinary doctors on staff. Questions include their specialties at the clinic and what they like to do in Park City during their time off. The owner of the clinic even shares his personal cell phone number. This important addition lets every caller know that they could call anytime for an emergency or concern. This subtle touch shows every caller that the clinic remains a trusted and caring place for every animal in the community.

The content team at Leave Me On Hold understands this client’s demographic. We determined the most effective ways to connect with them via their on-hold message. Their callers are now more entertained, leading to less frustration with being put on hold. Callers also learn about services that Park City Animal Clinic provides that they might not have known otherwise. This creative message upsells, entertains, and educates every caller. Listen for yourself and discover the creative touches that go into every Leave Me On Hold message.

Park City Animal Clinic Message