Help Me Choose

At Leave Me on Hold, all of our clients have different needs, so we offer lots of options. Just answer four quick questions and we'll help you choose a plan that works for you and your callers while staying within your budget.
How long do your customers typically wait on hold?

Need help?

If you need assistance, or you’d rather just talk to us on the phone, just give us a call! You can reach us at 435.655.8844. We promise we’re very friendly, and we’re open during normal business hours (9 AM – 5 PM Mountain).

Are you interested in an IVR or an Auto-attendant to allow callers to reach a specific person or department without talking to a human?

What is an IVR?

IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response. It’s basically your company’s own phone-based virtual assistant that can help callers do anything — from reaching the right department to paying their bills. Callers can interact with this assistant by pressing numbers on their phone’s keypad, or by using their voice. When you call most large companies such as Coca-Cola or T-Mobile, the first voice you’ll hear is that of their IVR.
Do you have a script written, or would you like us to help with that?

Let us write it for you

We have over 15 years of experience writing for this interesting and unique medium. We’ll talk with you, assess your needs, and come up with an engaging and informative experience that’s tailored to your company’s personality.
One last question. Some of our customers prefer just a standard, informative recording, and others would like something more entertaining. What would you prefer?

What’s the difference?

An informative recording (also known as our Custom tier) informs and educates your callers, making them experts on your most important products and services while they wait to speak with your team. Typically, this involves a single voice over and some music.
An informative and entertaining recording (our Creative tier) is a little more fun — think of it as a radio play for the phone. Though we still focus on getting pertinent information across and educating callers, we keep people engaged and listening with a splash of drama and comedy.