You invested time and money in your business’s marketing to encourage potential customers to call you. Don’t give them a bad experience when they do! Instead, provide an unforgettable first impression of your brand with a fantastic on hold message.

Maintain Consistency

A professionally produced on hold message will let your customers know that you are consistent and reliable. They should know that they can call to get key pieces of information, even after hours! Moreover, with custom messages you can give your clients a taste of your brand’s personality and identity.

Keep it Positive

With an on-hold message, you can show your appreciation by keeping your callers engaged and interested. Let them know that you realize their time is valuable, and that when they receive assistance, it will be worth the wait.

Never let your callers stay on the line with dead air. They will feel forgotten and frustrated before they get a chance to speak with you. Even worse, they are much more likely to hang up and disconnect from your business.

Evaluate Your Call Flow

Even the best on-hold messages may feel too long for customers. Put yourselves in your clients shoes to evaluate what departments they may need to reach quickly, then use an auto-attendant to keep the traffic flowing.

Remember, the auto-attendant should enhance your customer service, not replace it. Be sure you are using your message as a greeting and a way to share key information with your callers.

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