With 2017 well on its way, we thought we would take a quick peak back at our favorite blogs from last year. It’s always exciting to reflect on the past year’s work. So what better way to do it than with, you guessed it, another blog. Now for your reading pleasure a blog post about other blog posts!

Stan Lee Wants Your On-Hold Messaging To Be A Superhero!

We get a kick out of Stan Lee’s, the former president of Marvel comics, biggest pet-peeve —  boring on-hold messages. Boy do we feel you, Stan. Check out this blog for a listen of “Stan’s Rant” on why you need to make an exciting and captivating on-hold message right away!

Beyond the Basics: Topics to Cover in Your On-Hold Message

This blog is incredibly helpful when trying to decide exactly what information you should and should not put in your on-hold message. It can get kind of overwhelming when trying to determine what to tell your customers in a short period of time. We know your initial instinct is to tell them EVERYTHING, but don’t jump the gun! Take a peek at this blog first to help you narrow down the most important info for your on-hold.

History Lesson 101: Voice-Over

We loved learning about the history behind voice-overs on the radio, to talkies, and finally to on-hold messaging! Now it’s your turn to take a look at how voice-over came to be and has evolved over time.

Behind the Scenes at Leave Me on Hold

Come on in and get an inside look at how our process at Leave Me On Hold works. You can watch firsthand as one of our voice talents records an on-hold message live! Caution: great direction, crazy voices, and lots of giggling are enclosed!

3 Ways to Better Speak Your Brand’s Voice

Sticking to your brand’s voice is incredibly important and this blog is the absolute guide to help you adhere to your brand efforts in your on-hold message. Finding the perfect tone and voice talent to represent your brand is only half the battle. You also need to make sure the information you’re putting out there is relevant, consistent, and listener worthy.

On-hold Messaging by Industry

Whatever industry your business falls under, there is an on-hold message waiting to be created specifically for you. Check out these catered industries on-hold messages written and produced by yours truly — Leave Me On Hold.

The Voice of Hollywood

This blog offers short commentary on the subjectivity of screen actors vs voice actors in Hollywood. For instance, breaking into Tinsel Town as a screen actor is all about who you know and what you look like. Voice-acting differs because it is one of the few positions in Hollywood where you’re not judged on your physical appearance, but rather on your raw talent.

The next question we have is, “What will 2017 bring?” We can’t wait to find out either! If you had a favorite blog this year that wasn’t listed let us know in the comment section below.