All types of course! If your phone can play it, we can produce it, whether you are a small one phone businesses or a large corporation with multiple locations and call centers. Each project and message at Leave Me On Hold is created specifically for each of our customers designed to suit the company’s needs and dynamics.  It’s like the haute couture of on hold phone messaging!
There are several options you can choose rather than playing a customized on hold message. The first is silence. We do not recommend this as many people may think the call was dropped or they were hung up and may not call back. Another option is playing music. The legal team at Leave Me On Hold would like to make sure you understand the regulations behind playing copyrighted music before choosing that option.

“By statutory definition, since a corporation or other company is a place ‘where a substantial number of persons outside of a normal circle of a family and its social acquaintances is gathered,’ (17 U.S.C. SECTION 101) it is a public place for copyright purposes. Whether the performance is by the playing of a CD or tape, by a radio tuned to a particular station, or via music-on-hold (which constitutes a public performance by virtue of its being a transmission to the public), permission must first be obtained in order for the use of that music to be lawful.”

The Organization
Songwriters and music publishers are represented by two companies…Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI) and the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP). These performing rights organizations, as they are formally known, represent the writers and publishers who own the copyrights. You may also need licenses from SESAC and Harry Fox Agency.

The Penalties
The law allows copyright owners to receive as damages for infringement between $500 and $20,000 for each work infringed. Moreover, a corporate officer who has the right or ability to supervise the company’s music use and who has a direct financial interest in the corporation can be held personally liable for the infringement.

These agencies employ a small army of people whose sole job is to call businesses and attempt to be placed on-hold. Violators are warned that they are in violation of copyright laws, and they must cease the play of the radio on-hold. Users who are caught in violation and refuse to pay license fees are typically called by ASCAP and BMI subsequently to see if they have ceased playing the radio or other non-licensed music source. Violators who are caught, again, may receive substantial monetary court judgments against them. Some judgments attempt to recover previous licensing fees that can go as far back as from the time the business began operating.”

Whatever format you need your on-hold message in, Leave Me On Hold can deliver. Whether it is an .mp3 or .wav file, our sound engineers can make it happen. Are you thinking of changing your phone system? Not a problem. We will be more than happy to change the format of your message to suit your needs and redeliver it anytime throughout your contract.
The Leave Me On Hold Production team has worked hard to streamline a process that works with our customers to gather information in the beginning of the process in order to create a complete custom product. Once the order form and payment have been processed, you will receive a short questionnaire in your email. Your replies to these questions will help guide our production team in the creation of your customer message. We will also contact you with any further questions we have as well as go over the process with you so as to meet your expectations and goals.
An auto attendant is a virtual receptionist that allows your callers to choose where they would like to be transferred directly.  An auto attendant may also offer callers the option to hear extension options and choose the one that best suits them.  Some auto attendants are also set up so that callers can press ‘0” to go directly to a main receptionist. Curious what an auto attendant sounds like? Click here to listen to a few of our favorites!
That depends on the type of phone system you currently have. Leave Me On Hold will work with you to determine what is possible with your phone system and sell the needed equipment that will beat any advertised prices. Some phone systems may require an adapter in order to play on-hold messaging. This will be determined in the discovery phase when determining what will work best for your current phone system and office.
We do offer the option to buy out the message rather than pay month. If you prefer this option, please call 866-640-5664 for pricing information or email,
No a problem at all. What kind of creative and custom on-hold message company would we be if we didn’t offer customized packages as well. If you don’t see the type of messaging you have in mind or want a different time, you can either write your ideal message option in the additional notes section of the order form, call us at 866-640-5664 or email us at for detailed pricing and inclusion information.
Leave Me On Hold is an industry leader in producing a variety of phone messaging options — to include, but not limited to auto attendants/phone trees, after hours/closed messages, voice mail greetings, IVR prompts, conference call messaging, holiday messaging, etc. If you hear it on the phone, we can produce it.
No worries!  Simple complete the order form with the information you know and we will give you a call to finalize the order and ensure all your needs are met so that you get a custom message package just for you. Feel free to give us a call at 1-800-640-5664 and we can chat about the best solutions for your company.