John Ratzenberger is from Bridgeport, Connecticut, and he has quite the claim to fame. Ratzenberger is the only actor to voice a character in all 17 Pixar films. Ratzenberger is probably the most successful unknown actor in Hollywood, because although no one knows his name, audiences everywhere know his voice. Pixar studios released Toy Story in 1995, the studio’s first feature-length film. After voicing Hamm the Piggy Bank, Ratzenberger began a long career and friendship with Pixar studios.

Now, Ratzenberger’s voice is recognized almost immediately when Pixar’s fun-loving animated characters come on the screen. He’s provided the voices for notable characters like Yeti in Monsters Inc., Mack the transport truck in Cars, and even minor characters like Flea in A Bugs Life. Whether you’re an animation junkie or only watch kid’s movies when you’re babysitting, Ratzenberger’s voice strikes a familiar feeling in all of us.

If you calculated the box office revenue that Pixar has produced from all of their animated movies, and add in the fact that John Ratzenberger is a featured voice talent in every production, this would make Ratzenberger one of Hollywood’s most successful actors. His net worth is over 80 million dollars! That’s pretty impressive for a guy who’s relatively unknown.

So next time you’re watching a Pixar flick and you suddenly recognize a supporting character’s voice and think, “Hey! It’s…that guy…,” now you know that ‘that guy’ is John Ratzenberger.

Check out all the beloved Pixar characters that John Ratzenberger has voiced over the years in the video below! Make sure to look out for who he might voice next.

Image Credit: Flickr