It’s difficult dealing with upset callers. It’s near impossible dealing with upset callers when they’ve been placed on hold. If you’re part of a repair hotline or customer service call center, you probably have a higher percentage of upset callers than most. Don’t be intimidated by the task, though. We’ve gathered the most helpful tips for you to utilize in your on-hold messaging to make the most of what could be a difficult situation.

Turning Upset Callers Into Happy Callers

Don’t Repeat Your Message
If a caller hears the same message multiple times, chances are they’ll zone out completely. If they’re in La-La Land, they won’t be able to comprehend your messages. If your average hold time is longer than four minutes your productions must be lengthy enough to avoid repeat messages.

Help Them Solve Their Own Problem
Include FAQs in your on-hold messaging to solve the problem before they even have to ask. Also, suggest that they visit your website for returns, tutorials, or any other content you may have. Some callers appreciate hearing the answer straight from you, but many others have the DIY attitude.

Nobody Likes a Chatter Box
Valuable information can be difficult to consume. Give the caller some space so they’re able to think about what you’re saying. Break up your message with a pleasing balance of talking and music. After each topic discussed, pause for at least a few seconds to let the music play while your information sinks in.

Choose Your Music Wisely
Utilize the demographics of your customers when choosing what kind of music will play for them when they call in. If they’re not the Kanye West type, avoid playing Gold Digger on repeat. Pick something non-controversial and in the realm of their musical tastes. They’ll enjoy every second and you’ll enjoy speaking to a happy caller each and every time you answer the phone.