Custom On-Hold Messaging

The web is flooded with companies that produce on-hold messaging. But, how many have you found that take the extra time to learn about your business, your target demographic, who are currently calling you and how long you keep people on hold in order to recommend the best option. Very few. Leave Me On Hold, on the other hand, takes these properties into account when writing, recording, and editing a custom on-hold message for you. These aren’t pre-package, refurbished on-hold messages that you hear pre-played on websites. These messages are an extension of your sales and marketing teams. They speak to your customer, up-sell hot, new items and services while building and maintaining a relationship with the caller.

Here are a Few Examples of Our Custom Message Packages





Leave Me On Hold is the leader in customizing an on-hold message just for you. We take the extra steps to work directly with you in determining the best voice talent for your clientele, music that will complement the business and tone of the messaging and so much more. A custom on-hold message facebook is customized to your needs with a single narrator and accompanying music heard in the background. The message is written so as to keep your caller engaged while they are on hold. The custom length is to ensure longevity in the message. That’s right, Leave Me On Hold offers a custom on-hold message that wants you to be successful.