When an on-hold message performs customer service and generates leads, it becomes much more than just an on-hold message. On-hold messaging is a marketing necessity that helps your company achieve its goals and increase revenue. You can rest assured knowing that before you talk to a customer or potential sale that the appropriate foundation has been laid with product knowledge, customer support, and information about new products. Once you’ve piqued their interest with an on-hold message the possibilities are endless. So, the only question is: Should you go with a creative or custom on-hold message? Here are a few examples from Leave me On Hold to help you choose which option is best for you!

Custom On-Hold Message

A custom on-hold message from Leave Me On Hold targets your demographic and deciphers how long a customer is kept on hold in order to recommend the best option. Very few other on-hold companies take this information into account when producing, writing, recording, and editing a custom on-hold message just for you. A message from Leave Me On Hold is made specifically for your business. Have a listen to Jupiter Bowl’s custom on-hold message to hear how it works wonders.

Creative On-Hold Message

A creative message from Leave Me On Hold is similar to having an entertaining commercial playing while your customers wait for you. This is a unique tool in that it keeps your audience entertained, educates them on your products, and answers many questions they may have. A creative on-hold message has been proven to reduce the number of dropped calls and employee turnovers. Hear what Heiner’s Insurance creative on-hold message has to offer and think of all the possibilities a creative on-hold message has for your business!