On hold messages keep your customers on the line, and allow you to manage multiple callers at the same time. Some business owners falsely assume their clients know all the ins-and-outs of their business, when actually they may be unaware of certain products and promotions.

Let them in on it with your on-hold message!

Build your brand

You can easily build your brand through on-hold messages by promoting your online presence. Consider reminding customers of the information they can find on your website. You will reduce the average wait time for callers, while driving traffic to your site.

Ask your customers for reviews

Multiple online reviews across various listings, is a driving factor for Google Analytics. By asking for reviews from your customers, your SEO will be improved, and your website will jump to the top of the pack in Google Search.

Build a following

Cross-promote your social media and grow your following base during on hold messages. For example, you can:

  • Direct your customers to your Instagram, by letting them know about a photo contest.
  • Grow your Twitter account by letting your customers know about instant Twitter promotion.
  • Adding Facebook friends by informing your customers about a live-stream.

Tips and Tricks

  1. Keep the information short and sweet. Consider what few things you want to promote, and remind your customers of the benefits of purchasing your product/service..
  2. Make your customer feel valued by offering special discounts.
  3. Keep your messages up-to-date. You will demonstrate to your customers the progressive value of your company.

Speak to the team at Leave Me on Hold today for more information on how an on-hold message can benefit your business.