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How to Win Customers with Your On Hold Message

Getting your customers to call your business takes time and effort, so you don’t want to lose them before they get the chance to speak to your awesome service team! Instead, win them over with your on-hold message. We have a few tips on how to accomplish this mission: Don’t forget to say “thank you!” [...]

Manage Your Company’s First Impression

You invested time and money in your business’s marketing to encourage potential customers to call you. Don’t give them a bad experience when they do! Instead, provide an unforgettable first impression of your brand with a fantastic on hold message. Maintain Consistency A professionally produced on hold message will let your customers know that you are consistent and [...]

Custom vs. Prepackaged with Your On Hold Messaging Company

Traditional companies use templates to create your business on-hold messaging. The lack of personalization means your you aren't communicating anything valuable that will help grow your enterprise. Instead of templated on hold messages, Leave Me on Hold gets to know your business. Because of our personalized care, your message acts as an extension of your [...]

Motivating Your Customers While They Wait

You have spent a tremendous amount of time and energy perfecting your business model. Your website is beautifully manufactured. Your team is friendly, relatable, and patient. Still, your customers don’t follow through. You need to inspire and motivate your public with a call-to-action (CTA) in your on-hold message. Creating a clear CTA isn’t an easy [...]

Tips for Cross-Promotion with Your On-Hold Message

On hold messages keep your customers on the line, and allow you to manage multiple callers at the same time. Some business owners falsely assume their clients know all the ins-and-outs of their business, when actually they may be unaware of certain products and promotions. Let them in on it with your on-hold message! Build [...]

How to Write for Your Target Audience

Your on-hold message is an awesome opportunity to extend your brand straight into the ears of your customers calling in. Your on-hold message is a reflection of your company. Are you speaking to the audience you want to attract? Have no fear — Leave Me On Hold is here to lead you in the right [...]

Music or no music. That is the question.

It’s normal to want to entertain your clientele when they’re on hold for your business. You think, “everyone likes music, I’ll just have a popular song play.” Have you taken into account though how quickly your favorite song becomes the most annoying thing you have ever heard? Thankfully, Leave Me On Hold is here to [...]

Telling Your Story Makes Sales

If storytelling isn’t incorporated into your 2017 marketing strategy, then hop on the bandwagon — NOW! A tagline will only take you so far with an audience. A slogan may grab attention, but it will not guarantee your brand will hold attention. In those few precious moments you have the complete and utter undivided attention of [...]

New Year, New You, New On-Hold Message

Well here we are, the first week of February. It's that time of the year where people are digging their heels in to make sure they stick with their new year’s resolutions. By chance was one of your resolutions to help market your business, creatively and targeting your audience? You are in luck! With the [...]

Our Favorite Blogs from 2016

With 2017 well on its way, we thought we would take a quick peak back at our favorite blogs from last year. It’s always exciting to reflect on the past year’s work. So what better way to do it than with, you guessed it, another blog. Now for your reading pleasure a blog post about [...]