The Preparation of a Voice-Over Artist

Professional voice-over artists make it seem easy, but preparation is the key ingredient to success.  Success doesn’t begin the moment they're standing in the booth, ready to perform. The road to success begins long before a voice talent shares their abilities with the world. As with anything else, their preparation plays a key role in [...]

The Preparation of a Voice-Over Artist2017-01-09T05:42:52-07:00

Custom On-Hold Message or Creative?

When an on-hold message performs customer service and generates leads, it becomes much more than just an on-hold message. On-hold messaging is a marketing necessity that helps your company achieve its goals and increase revenue. You can rest assured knowing that before you talk to a customer or potential sale that the appropriate foundation has [...]

Custom On-Hold Message or Creative?2017-01-09T05:42:52-07:00

On-Hold Messaging: The True Cash Cow

Congratulations! You’ve completed one of the most difficult parts of marketing: They called you. What do you do now? Many businesses end up looking like a deer caught in the headlights and fail to capitalize on an opportunity that has fallen in their laps. The person who just called you knows who you are, they [...]

On-Hold Messaging: The True Cash Cow2017-01-09T05:42:53-07:00

Beyond the Basics: Topics to Cover in Your On-Hold Messaging

Choosing to go with on-hold messaging for your company is the easy part. Now, what do you include in it? Some of the more obvious points to cover are your address, hours of operation, and website. To really make an impression, keep your customers happy, and increase your bottom line, go above and beyond by [...]

Beyond the Basics: Topics to Cover in Your On-Hold Messaging2017-01-09T05:42:56-07:00