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3 Insider Tips for the Most Effective Auto-Attendant

The best auto-attendant messages quickly connect callers with the correct department. This directory system is often the first experience a new customer has of your business, so remember to make it efficient and fun! That may seem like a lot to handle, but the expert auto-attendant messaging company — Leave Me on Hold — has [...]

3 Insider Tips for the Most Effective Auto-Attendant2018-03-06T10:36:33-07:00

The Preparation of a Voice-Over Artist

Professional voice-over artists make it seem easy, but preparation is the key ingredient to success.  Success doesn’t begin the moment they're standing in the booth, ready to perform. The road to success begins long before a voice talent shares their abilities with the world. As with anything else, their preparation plays a key role in [...]

The Preparation of a Voice-Over Artist2017-01-09T05:42:52-07:00

Social Media in Your On-Hold Message

Technology has made multitasking easier than ever. What was once proudly listed under the “Skills” section of every resume, multitasking has now become a necessary attribute for everyday life. When a customer is placed on hold you can count on them posting, tweeting, or even “selfieing” every moment as they listen to your message. They [...]

Social Media in Your On-Hold Message2017-01-09T05:42:53-07:00

Laughing All The Way to The Bank

People have long stated that laughter is the best medicine. Even with the countless prescriptions available on the market, laughter holds its own amongst a sea of laboratory-produced capsules claiming to cure everything in the human body. It turns out, laughing reduces stress, pain, increases blood flow, and increases your body’s resistance to disease. In [...]

Laughing All The Way to The Bank2017-01-09T05:42:54-07:00

On-Hold Voice Acting: Professional or Amateur?

Creating an on-hold message that’s ear-catching and revenue-building can be a daunting task. After you write the script, have it proofread by the office copywriter, choose the perfect background music, receive the go-ahead from your boss and their boss and their boss… the only thing that’s left is to stick someone behind the mic to read [...]

On-Hold Voice Acting: Professional or Amateur?2017-01-09T05:42:55-07:00

Silence is Anything but Golden

If you’re looking to watch Chris Pratt get chased by velociraptors or Adam Sandler compete against a giant pixelated Pac-Man this summer you’re in for a smorgasbord of theater options to enhance your viewing pleasure. Don’t like the bells and whistles? You still have the option to go 2D. To give your experience a performance-enhancing [...]

Silence is Anything but Golden2017-01-09T05:42:55-07:00

Please Press “4” To Stop the Insanity

I don’t know how to record my favorite show on my DVR. I’m dead serious. I’ve practiced recording other shows and I’m hit and miss. Sometimes, they won’t record at all. Or, I’ve recorded my show along with every single repeat episode that’s ever been aired. The result is my wife lecturing me because there’s [...]

Please Press “4” To Stop the Insanity2018-02-23T15:26:55-07:00