We were taught at an early age to never judge a book by its cover. That there’s always something better on the inside. When it comes to businesses, this couldn’t be further from the truth. The very first interaction businesses have with customers may be the most important. If they don’t have a pleasant experience, your competitors will be circling like vultures and ready to dive in. We’ve provided some tips to help you make their first experience a memorable one.

Best Tips for Businesses

1. Ask if you can place them on hold.
This lets them know that you care about them and value their opinion. When you return to the line, thank them for holding. It’s the little things that make them feel appreciated.

2. Avoid jargon or slang.
Your on-hold message should be polite and professional. Even if your message is humorous, it can be done in a professional and tasteful manner. Avoid any slang or jargon at all times. What means one thing to you may mean the exact opposite to them.

3. Give them a warm welcome.
Your on-hold message has an immediate impact on your callers. If your message contains any hint of negativity it will instantly rub off on your callers. A warm, welcoming on-hold message invites your callers to learn more.

4. Businesses speak clearly.
Be sure that your message is easily understood. Enunciate each word so the caller can digest the information. If you need to, speak slowly to make sure your message is conveyed appropriately.

5. Don’t have any dead space.
A caller can become extremely frustrated if they have to wait through several rings for your message to kick on. Your customer will become impatient and that time is valuable for you to utilize. Also, in your message, avoid long pauses. Keep your message flowing so your callers don’t become distracted.