Us humans are creatures of habit. We desire consistency and often avoid the unknown. We stick to what we know, which explains why people tend to buy the same products from the same brands over and over again. It also explains why brands work so hard to be recognized. After all, there is a reason why we spend more money on a brand name product instead of buying the cheaper, often just as good, generic item: familiarity.

How to Achieve It?

So, how do companies achieve such a loyal clientele and gain a sense of security? It’s all about brand recognition maintained through consistency. People are not born knowing which brands carry which products and which logo has which colors; we are trained from a young age. So, in order to make your brand recognizable, all of the elements of your business need to reflect your company identity. This definitely includes your on-hold messaging options. It’s one of the most personal ways to communicate with your customers.

Display Your Personality

If your company is similar to Nike, your motto is all about empowering and motivating your consumers. Your on-hold message should reflect that with excitement and encouragement. Imagine calling Nike’s offices hearing a monotone on-hold message recording asking you to call back later. Your positive emotional connections with Nike might be replaced with a dull boredom that all monotone voice recordings give you. Say your business is Cartoon Network. Your on-hold message shouldn’t be an infomercial. Rather, your on-hold message should represent your fun and silly side. Incorporating different cartoon voices would keep with the spirit of that brand.

The more consistent your on-hold message is with your brand, the more callers and customers feel comfortable and secure. Ultimately, that comfort and familiarity is the goal every  brand strives for. Brand consistency is the key to implementing a successful on-hold message.