Connecting with customers is essential for any successful business. But what happens when you can’t connect with a customer immediately and have to put them on hold? Should you lose the opportunity to create a relationship with a customer? No way! That’s where on-hold messaging comes into play.

Although on-hold messaging has been around for years and may seem like an old form of client relations, it is now more important than ever. We live in an age of instant gratification and information. Due to technology, we’re are used to getting answers, mail, or responses almost immediately. On-hold messaging gives employees time to finish whatever task they were in the middle of completing, without making the customer feel abandoned on the phone.

On-hold messaging is not just a way to prevent clients from hanging up, but it also can entertain, inform, and put the customer at ease. If you include basic information in an on-hold message, such as hours of operation, your employees don’t have to spend their valuable time answering the same questions over and over again. On-hold messaging is also good for both customer and employee retention, because it pleases the customer and reduces the stress of employees. Professional messages also create legitimacy. How confident would a consumer feel with a company that doesn’t even bother to have a polished on-hold message? We can tell you; not very reassured. If you entertain your clients, your business and brand become more likeable.

Not only does on-hold messaging allow you to never miss an opportunity to connect with a customer, it also allows you to connect with a customer twice; once with the informative on-hold message, and once with the representative. Double the client connectivity always translates to greater customer service.

With new technologies, businesses tend to focus on the new trends and platforms available to them, forgetting the basic ways to connect with clients, which are equally important. Letting your customers know that you’re there for them is invaluable, and putting a smile on their face while they wait, well that’s priceless.