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Behind the Scenes at Leave Me On Hold

Are you curious about what goes on during production of your on-hold messaging? Now you can see the magic happen! We recently filmed the voice-over recording of one of our client’s message and broadcasted it live on our Facebook page. If you missed it, or aren’t currently following our Facebook page, check out the video [...]

Behind the Scenes at Leave Me On Hold2017-01-09T05:42:25-07:00

On-hold Messaging By Industry

No matter what industry your business falls under, there’s always something specially designed just for you. On-hold messaging is no different. Leave Me On Hold produces messages for a wide variety of industries, because every company needs a well thought-out on-hold marketing strategy. We’ve listed four different industry examples, so you can hear what your [...]

On-hold Messaging By Industry2017-01-09T05:42:25-07:00

Apple’s New iOS Reveals Major Voice-over Issue

The hype around the new iPhone 7 release is growing by the day, and with it comes the new operating system iOS 9.3.4. The new phone is said to feature a better camera, more storage,  improved speakers, and much more. Unfortunately, some users will be getting a raw deal if they purchase the new iPhone [...]

Apple’s New iOS Reveals Major Voice-over Issue2017-01-09T05:42:26-07:00

3 Easy Steps to On-hold Gold

Maybe you’ve been toying with the idea of deploying a creative or custom on-hold message for your business. But with a to-do list a mile long, maybe it’s not at the top of your priority list. We don’t blame you for taking care of big priorities first. But, on-hold messaging is usually the first interaction [...]

3 Easy Steps to On-hold Gold2016-08-30T19:30:47-06:00

Is Your On-hold Music Legal to Play?

Like many businesses, you may use music as your on-hold entertainment. Some businesses stream music from the radio, or even tunes from their own Mp3 player. This might seem like a simple, cost effective solution. However, the legality of this choice often turns into a costly expense for your business. Here’s what to look for [...]

Is Your On-hold Music Legal to Play?2017-01-09T05:42:27-07:00

Brand Consistency and its Importance in On-hold Messaging

Us humans are creatures of habit. We desire consistency and often avoid the unknown. We stick to what we know, which explains why people tend to buy the same products from the same brands over and over again. It also explains why brands work so hard to be recognized. After all, there is a reason [...]

Brand Consistency and its Importance in On-hold Messaging2017-01-09T05:42:27-07:00

Voice-overs and the 2016 Election

The Republican and Democratic National Conventions have come to an end. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are now in the final stages of the 2016 election. Both are rearing up for the last desperate sprints as November comes up fast. The candidates have pulled out all the stops. Boisterous speeches, fundraising dinners, platform promises, and debates have [...]

Voice-overs and the 2016 Election2017-01-09T05:42:28-07:00

On-hold Message Pick of the Month: Park City Animal Clinic

July’s creative pick-of-the-month message comes from a local client, Park City Animal Clinic. This veterinary and animal boarding facility hoped to entertain and educate their callers. PC Animal Clinic wanted to leave them with the impression that their animals would be in the best of hands. Additionally, they aimed to remind callers that the staff were locals [...]

On-hold Message Pick of the Month: Park City Animal Clinic2017-01-09T05:42:28-07:00

QUIZ! What Kind of On-hold Message Should Your Company Feature?

Are you a retail shop, a business-to-business provider, or something else entirely? Does your company brand scream fun and laughs, or more serious professionalism? No matter what your business does, there's a custom on-hold message ready to be made just for you. Take our quiz and find out what kind of on-hold message your company [...]

QUIZ! What Kind of On-hold Message Should Your Company Feature?2016-07-19T21:48:37-06:00

“The Secret Life of Pets” Highlights New Career For Familiar Face

Audiences around the world clearly love their pets.  The new film “The Secret Life of Pets” from Illumination Entertainment raked in $145 million worldwide over its opening weekend. CNN Money reported that “Pets” now holds the spot as the sixth biggest animated opening of all time. There’s quite a lot of star power fueling this fetching [...]

“The Secret Life of Pets” Highlights New Career For Familiar Face2017-01-09T05:42:29-07:00