Spring is the perfect time to make a few changes in your life. Do some cleaning, start a new class, and if you’re a business owner, brainstorm some new ways to bring more sales to your company. Leave Me On Hold has a few ideas to get you started. For the month of April, all new on-hold messages will receive 10% off the original price. Just use Promo Code Spring10 when you checkout online, and you’ll see the savings instantly.

Why does my business need a special on-hold message?

You want your business to look and sound like the professional industry leaders that you are, right? The right on-hold strategy will show your customers just that, in an educational and fun way. On top of that, customers feel very strongly about being put on-hold. Up to 75% of customers who abandon a call after a bad on-hold experience do not call back, and instead call a competitor. That potential loyal customer has now moved on from your services, and will likely never call again. And you didn’t even get the chance to talk to them!

What’s the best way to prevent this from happening? Give your customers the information they are seeking while they’re on hold. 88% of callers say they would stay on the line with a business if they got to hear product information. And even better— 20% of callers purchased additional products after hearing product information in the business’ on-hold message.

Custom or creative on-hold message?

On-hold messages do not have to be the standard “Please hold. Your call is very important to us” spiel. That’s a bad strategy that will likely infuriate your callers and make them want to hang up. The new generation of on-hold messaging is here, and it works as both a customer service strategy and a lead generator.

A custom on-hold message from Leave Me On Hold targets your demographic and deciphers how long a customer is kept on hold in order to recommend the best option. Very few other on-hold companies take this information into account when producing, writing, recording, and editing a custom on-hold message just for you.

Creative messages are like playing a fun commercial for your customers while they wait for you to pick up the line. You can take them through a tour of your warehouse and show them all of the new inventory and pricing you have available, or let them listen to a talk show and interview your employees. The options are endless, and creative on-hold messages have been shown to reduce the number of dropped calls for businesses.

If you’re ready to upsell your business and help your customers calling in feel taken care of, now is the perfect time to order an on-hold message with Leave Me On Hold. Our 10% off promotion runs through the month of April, and our staff of writers, voice-actors, and recording specialists are ready to make your on-hold message idea a reality.