The holidays are upon us! Everywhere you look, there’s twinkling lights, gift wrap, and Christmas trees in store windows. Decorations aren’t the only thing that make the holidays so festive. You can give your on-hold message a fun themed twist to celebrate the holidays while still informing your callers. Here are 4 tips on how to provide a fun & friendly holiday spin for your on-hold customers!

Holiday special

Get your customers in the holiday spirit by having a fun and creative on-hold holiday message! Why not make your customers smile with the reading of a classic Christmas story! Perhaps it’s the story of Rudolph the red nosed reindeer, or maybe it’s more tailored to your business, like the untold story of Rudolph the red nosed Plumber! Whatever it is, putting a holiday twist on your on-hold message will give your clients a giggle and show them that you care.

Add a holiday closing line

Don’t feel the need to re-work your message into an ABC holiday special? Try adding a touch of holiday spirit to the end of your message with a friendly “Happy holidays” from your company!

List your holiday promotions

Do you have any specials you want to promote before the new year? Make sure to add it to your on-hold message so your clients are prepared and fired up when they get back on the phone with you. It’s the season of buying and giving. Don’t leave your customers out of the loop on what kinds of deals your company is offering this holiday season.

Add your holiday hours

If your business hours are changing this month, make sure to let your customers know. Your callers will feel especially taken care of because you made sure to consider their own time and schedule.

Are you interested in putting a holiday twist on your on-hold message? Contact the creative elves at Leave Me On Hold Today!