Our History

Leave Me On Hold has a rich history of creative messaging production. In fact, that’s how it all got started. The President and CEO, Nate DiPalma was working with one of our advertising clients in planning their marketing for the year. They asked if it was possible to create a special on-hold message just for them. The insurance company found that people wanted to work with them, but lost callers while they were placed on hold so that the rep could gather further information regarding policy options, etc. This originally blew the production team’s mind. How had nobody thought about producing a creative type message for the phone – we do it all the time for TV and radio! The 12-minute creative message was a huge success for the insurance company. It successfully kept their customers on hold, while entertaining and upselling products.

Nationally Well-Known

Leave Me On Hold was soon established as the sole creative, on-hold message production company in the United States. While the teams also offered the basic messaging offered by its competitors, our dedicated sales team took to the phones to educate business owners on what else was possible and worked very well.

Being Successful

The company has continued to grow in online sales with a successful streamlined production team that encompasses working directly with the client and understanding their services and products as well as their target demographic. Leave Me On Hold is like no other company you will work with. Our enthusiastic team of creative writers, sound editors and production managers look forward to each new project as a welcome challenge in determining how to help our clients be more successful through this type of specialized messaging.