When you hear or see something unusual or intriguing, your interest is piqued and your curiosity gets the better of you. Your attention is held and you’re perceptive to whatever it is that’s so interesting. These same principles hold true for your business. You want to create intriguing ideas that hold your customer’s attention. Creative on-hold messages are one way of achieving this. Your caller probably won’t be expecting a fun and interesting message while they’re on hold. They probably expect the generic static-filled elevator music, or a woman’s voice repeating the same sentence over and over. A creative message will have your customers smiling, laughing, and feeling entertained for the duration of their on-hold wait. Here are a few creative ideas to get you thinking about your own business’ next on-hold message.

Give a tour of your office or warehouse

While your customer is on-hold, show them around your office space or warehouse. Ace Cutting Equipment took their callers on an in-depth tour of their stockroom, showing off all the new saws, concrete pourers, drills, and other machinery that was on sale or brand new. ACE used one narrator as the tour guide, and the other as a foreman buying supplies for a job. This allowed callers to hear about new products and ones that were discounted, and played up ACE’s great customer service and friendly staff.

Bring inanimate objects to life

Shamrock Heating and Air took a regular old furnace and brought it to life. The furnace told his homeowner that he was on his last leg, and had one dying request: to hire Shamrock Heating and Air to take care of her after he was gone. It was a cute and fun way to upsell the services that Shamrock offered. The furnace’s personality made for a playful way to spend some time on-hold.

Friendly conversation between friends

Two friends having a casual conversation is an easy and natural way to share your business’ information. Szechwan Chinese Kitchen played up their daily lunch menu by having two friends chat about where they wanted to eat lunch after their bike ride. The conversation illustrated the restaurant’s hours, specials, location, and friendly staff to the callers.

A couple on a weekend getaway

The Plaza Hotel used a couple taking a weekend vacation in the city as their way of sharing all the luxuries their hotel offers. The couple arrives and is completely overwhelmed by the beauty of the hotel. The Plaza used a concierge in the message to tell them of all the great amenities and attractions nearby. Callers were able to experience the tranquility and luxury of the hotel, and learned valuable information about booking at the Plaza in the process.

Interview your employees

A local veterinary office took advantage of the small town clientele that comprises their patient list. Their employees were interviewed in a talk show format, with a host asking them questions about their daily work life, favorite animal stories, and best moments at the practice. It personalized the staff as friendly and qualified members of the office. Additionally, this message gave callers valuable information like the veterinary office capabilities, hours, and specialties.

Creative messaging provides businesses the chance to show their personality and inform their callers. Creativity translates to callers staying on the line and becoming interested in new products and services. Most of all, these messages show your customers that you care about their time on-hold, which leads to happy, loyal customers.