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Leave Me On Hold conducts a study of your company’s clientele. We also consider YOUR corporate objectives for using the on-hold process to educate, entertain and increase sales. Our Writers then write a “Cinema,” “Play” or “Soap Opera” about YOUR product or service. The script is entertaining, but extremely intelligent, because it will be woven with your product or service and never feel like a “sales piece.” Professional Actors will perform the script in sound studios. The final piece is delivered to you in the form of a CD, mp3 file or audio tape. You would then incorporate it into your current on-hold system. If you don’t have on-hold hardware, we can help with that too. Any of the on-hold recordings can be extended in length by incorporating your pre-produced radio commercials. Need radio commercials? We have a sister company that does that as well. Just ask your Sales Rep for more details.

Check out this upset employee's reaction to waiting on hold!

Still not sure if this is the right product for you? Watch a quick 4-minute video detailing how a simple message specifically designed around your company and product can bring you more business.



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