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3 Challenges All Voice Actors Face, and How to Overcome Them

Being a successfully employed voice actor is easier said than done. Between networking, marketing yourself, and managing your time with other commitments in life, it can seem like a lofty goal. All beginning voice actors face these similar obstacles on their road to success, but don’t give up just yet. With some hard work, discipline, [...]

Facebook is Now Using Automatic Voiceover to Describe Photos

Facebook’s foundation is built upon users uploading, sharing, and interacting with photos.  But for many visually impaired individuals, this feature has never been available to them. Most sites have alt text that can be read by a screen reader, but the vast majority of the Internet is still fairly inaccessible to those with visual impairments.  [...]

Social Media in Your On-Hold Message

Technology has made multitasking easier than ever. What was once proudly listed under the “Skills” section of every resume, multitasking has now become a necessary attribute for everyday life. When a customer is placed on hold you can count on them posting, tweeting, or even “selfieing” every moment as they listen to your message. They [...]